Project Give

What is Give Project?

Give project is an initiative in memory of our late partner, Dr Herbert Wigwe who was passionate about developing children and was a primary promoter of the pupils of Access Bank Fifth Chukker School (ABFCS) in Kaduna State, Nigeria. ABFCS would serve approximately 9,600 indigent and vulnerable children from the Maraban Jos community, providing them with education, necessities, and opportunities for growth.

What does Give Project do?

Give Project ensures that each child at ABFCS receives comprehensive support to thrive personally and academically. Through the generosity of sponsors, Give Project provides to each child:
1. Uniform Kit: Each child receives a tailored kit containing the following:
a. 2 sets of school uniforms
b. 1 set of sports wear
c. 2 pairs of black school shoes
d. 1 pair of sports shoes
e. 3 pairs of socks
f. 1 School bag
2. Stationery & School Supplies: Pupils are equipped with writing, drawing materials and other materials.
3. School Feeding: Daily nutritious meals are provided during school terms, supporting the children's health and well-being.
4. Extra-Curricular Activities: Opportunities for students to engage in enriching activities beyond the classroom.
5. Vision & Dental Checks: Regular health assessments to ensure students' overall well-being.

How to Be Part of Give Project

You can make a lasting impact by sponsoring a child for just $250 annually. Your sponsorship covers all the essentials listed above, transforming a child's educational experience and prospects. As a sponsor, you'll receive:
1. Regular Updates: Stay informed about your sponsored child's progress and achievements through newsletters and other media.
2. Acknowledgement: A certificate or acknowledgment of your sponsorship, recognizing your contribution to a child's education.
3. Meaningful Impact: Experience the fulfillment of knowing you've made a tangible difference in a child's life.

Join us in empowering these young minds and shaping a brighter future. Your support through Give project not only changes lives today but builds a foundation for tomorrow's leaders. Together, we can create a world where every child has access to quality education and opportunities for success.

You can make your donation using your debit/credit cards or by direct bank transfer. kindly select your preferred option below

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Join us in empowering young minds and shaping a brighter future.